E-Course - After an affair: Rebuilding your relationship (trust, sex and all). Bonus: Should I stay or should I go?

If you and your partner are struggling to reconnect in the aftermath of an affair, whether that affair occurred 6 months ago or 16 years ago, this is the course for you. Two plus hours of information and exercises designed to help you decide whether to stay or go after an affair and, if you stay, give you the tools to REBUILD your relationship even BETTER than before. And yes, there's an entire module dedicated to sex after an affair. This course is designed to help you heal, repair, and reconnect. Taking it together will be more effective, but you will learn helpful information even if you go it alone.


For less than the price of 2 couples therapy sessions, you can access a relationship counsellor's knowledge and expertise on reconnecting after an affair - without having to wait until your therapy session to start the healing process. This makes for an excellent companion to therapy, and will help you get started sooner - but if you're finding it difficult to work through the exercises for whatever reason, definitely see a counsellor for additional support.


This course will show you how to heal from the tumultuous effects of an affair as effectively as possible, and build an even stronger foundation of trust and connection. And because healing doesn't follow any set timeline, you will have lifetime access upon purchase.


NT, Vancouver

After my partner betrayed me, I was shattered. I had nobody to turn to and no idea what to do next. My family hasn't been in the picture for a while, and with Covid, friends felt far away. I couldn't have healed without this course and Jena. It felt like she was there to guide me when I needed it the most. My partner and I are now doing better than ever, I actually TRUST him again (which I didn't think would be possible), and our relationship continues to grow as we continue to do the work. And yes, it IS work!

RL, Burnaby

We (my wife and I) took this course together. It was really, really hard, and I so badly wanted to GIVE UP! But taking this course together COMPLETELY changed our relationship. I was surprised that my wife was willing to do this with me - that showed me that she was committed, even after cheating on me. I thought about leaving less and less as the course went on. And now, 6 months later, I'm glad I stayed. 

OC, North Vancouver

Thanks to you, Jena and this course, I finally built up the courage to break up with my long-term partner. Thanks to what I learned in the course, I felt certain I was making the right decision. Now I'm with someone who is more like me in terms of values and lifestyle and I'm much happier. I really want to thank you for that.

reassurance 2.jpeg