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Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar?

You’re feeling lonely in your relationship and you’re desperate to love your partner the way you used to... And to feel wanted, the way you used to


You’re about to have a baby and you have no idea how  you and your spouse will be able to nurture and love your child when you feel like you fight way too much


You’re seriously worried about your financial future because one or both of you spend more than you earn but nothing has worked so far


You’re about to get married but the wedding planning process has been so hard to do that you wonder if you’ll make it to your wedding day


You just want to make sure you’re as prepared as possible to be happily married


You miss the person you used to be and the person your spouse used to be


You and your partner have different expectations of what marriage is supposed to look like


You can’t let go of a past hurt and find that the negativity is destroying your relationship


You feel betrayed by your partner and don’t know how to move forward


You have a new baby at home and can’t let go of resentment toward your spouse about their lack of help or lack of support


You just want to feel in love again


You’re worried you’ll never be happy in this relationship again


You just want to have fun with your partner without fighting


You’re scared you’re headed toward divorce and don’t know how to slow down and refocus


You’re seriously considering divorce but want to give it one more try


You feel hopeless that your relationship can ever get better


You’re only really together for the kids... but a part of you wants to let down your guard and actually BE TOGETHER

You and your partner have a difference in amount of sexual desire, or feel like you are on totally different pages when it comes to sex.


If you’ve ever wondered… Are relationships supposed to be this hard? Am I missing something?


Please reach out. Jena can help you reconnect. Through therapy, you can discover how to boost your friendship, talk about your differences in a new way, communicate respectfully and eagerly, and ultimately find your way back to each other.


Relationship Counselling for Couples & Individuals


New Parent Counselling + Workshops

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Couples Counselling

We're here to help you connect more deeply than ever - even if you're struggling with a particularly difficult situation or feeling worried that you and your partner are growing apart.


Relationships can be challenging, especially during times of transition.


Whether you are working through a specific issue or would like to prepare your relationship so it can weather any storm, Jena is here to provide guidance and support! 


She can guide you and your partner to develop a deeper connection, communicate more effectively, build a solid foundation of friendship and support, have more fun together, and gain insight and tools you can use for the rest of your life.

New Parent Counselling & Workshops

Did you know that 2/3 of couples face a significant decline in relationship satisfaction in the first 3 years after their baby is born?


What we want to be the happiest, most joy-filled time in our lives is too often overrun by hurt, loneliness, and disconnect.


New Parent Counselling can be life-changing!


Learn how to connect with your partner and your baby.


Discover what your baby most needs from you, and create an environment filled with acceptance and love.


Learn the tools that marital researchers have found to reverse this trend of relationship dissatisfaction.


Jena provides counselling as well as workshops. Contact her via the contact form on this page for more info! 

Relationship Counselling for Individuals 

If you and your partner are struggling but they aren't willing or able to come to therapy with you, or if you wonder if maybe you personally need to do some work to make things better, please reach out.


Jena can help you discover more about your own thoughts and feelings, and help you learn to interact with and connect with your partner in a way that feels better to you both. 


$150 per 50-minute session

$225 per 80-minute session

Do you accept insurance?

For residents of BC, check your extended health insurance benefits - many DO cover sessions with Registered Clinical Counsellors!

Where are you located?

I have 2 locations in BC - one in Burnaby and one in North Vancouver. 

Burnaby: 501 - 3292 Production Way

North Vancouver: 210 - 145 Chadwick Court, at Lonsdale Quay

Virtual: Via Zoom Pro - from anywhere you happen to be!

Contact Jena through the contact form to ask a question or book an appointment!

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